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The versatility of the Trayster makes everyday life a little more comfortable. Its simple design and construction are what make the Trayster both fun and functional to use at the game, in the car, or at home.


Whether you are watching the big game live or at home, the Trayster's USTPO's patented polyurethane foam design rests comfortably on top of your lap. The die-cuts shapes allow you to enjoy the game by securely holding your food and drink on the sofa or in the stands.

In addition, the Trayster can comfortably support your laptop, tablet, cellphone and sunglasses. Think about all the other different ways and places you can use the tray; traveling in the car, camping in the woods, riding on the boat, in the classroom, as a pillow, plus many others...

The USPTO patented Trayster is a 16" x 12" x 1.5" piece of XLPE foam that has multi-functional die-cuts that hold drinks, food, cellphones, tablets, etc... It also serves as a laptop desk that provides a comfortable resting place for your computer or keyboard while you're sitting on your sofa, recliner, computer chair, or in bed.


The star-shaped die cut allows drink cups of different dimensions to be firmly held in place without having to worry about spills. 

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